This section of oldvcr allows the following people to show off their developments in electronics, software development and engineering.

User Paul
NamePaul Seeley
LocationNew Zealand
OccupationElectronics Technician, ABB Power Quality. Creater / Administrator of
InterestsElectronics, Computers
Nature of ProjectsProjects not often completely finished because other interesting things come along
Number of Projects: 17 View

No ImageUser Scott
NameScott Styles
LocationNew Zealand
OccupationABB Power Quality
Nature of Projectsawesome
Number of Projects: 2 View

No ImageUser Graham
NameGraham Ward
LocationNew Zealand
OccupationElectronics Technician (High Power)
InterestsElectronics, Squash, asking Paul technical questions
Nature of Projects(Envornmentally friendly) electric traction
Number of Projects: 2 View

No ImageUser Robert
NameRobert Turner
Nature of ProjectsPower Electronic
Number of Projects: 1 View