Project Owner: Paul

Started: 2001

I made a lighting controller similar to that used in theaters but with less channel's and a lower power rating. It currently has four channels but could be upgraded to have more. For controlling the power there is a rack which contains the dimmers. Each channel has a separate dimmer module.

The control board has circuits for chaser sound to light and bass beat extractor. The bass beat extractor sends pulses to the chaser at the bass peaks of the incoming music (this part currently not working). There is a bank of five sliders with a master and four sub masters each has a flash button above. Above the master is a button to flash all channels. Dip switches are used to set up the sequence of the chaser. The chaser does eight steps before restarting. An oscillator drives the chaser or it can de driven from the bass beat extractor. There is also a strobe trigger output which can be run from the oscillator or the bass beat extractor. Most of the circuits used can be found at

I made lights to go with my dimmer. They are quite similar to Parcans but are smaller and less powerful. I used cat food tins. A hole was made in the bottom and a light socket put in it. Mounting brackets were made and attached, These can be bolted with clamps along a bar.

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