Project Owner: Scott

Started: about the middle of 2005
Completed: its not finished yet, it may never be.

Electric bike using DC Hub Motors.
Controller is a cheap one that has been pimped.

Will be improved with another motor on the front wheel for extra power.
See a video of it in action

The original intention was to figure out how to make an electric bike with the minimum of modification to a standard bicycle. However, during the course of making up the battery brackets, getting wheels to fit etc, it became clear that this wasn't practical. So now my road hack/fitness bike is permanently an electric bike.

The future for the bike is to change the speed controller to add buck-boost control to allow for a higher top end speed, and to add a front wheel motor for more power also (its already illegal, so it might as well be totally illegal). Eventually I would also like to consider a forced cooling method for the hub motors also. This would allow them to operate at higher powers for longer periods of time.
At this point I dont plan to change to better batteries as I can purchase SLA for essentially cost (or just fit old half dead UPS batteries which are free), and very easily recharge them with no concerns about fire or explosions.

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