On this page you can find the history of updates to this site and the latest news.

15 April 2019
Going through and testing all the items. Will be consolidating the collection by getting rid of double ups and items of minimal value / interest.

26 November 2010
The new Main Page is now available.
Now you can search by VCR format.
Links to directly search by Brand, Equipment Type and VCR Format are now available on the Main Page.
I have a number of new items to add to the site over the coming weeks. Including the first VHSC camcorders to be added to my collection.
Two more Video 2000 VCRs will be added once I put them back together so I can take photos of them.

20 November 2010
I have been working on a new layout for search result. This is now online.
I have also added:
Better support for youtube videos.
Captions for photos.
Pop up boxes with preview image, summary information and youtube videos.
Support for searching by VCR Format is coming soon.
Pop up box with VCR Format information coming soon.

New Main page layout will come bit later on.

31 October 2010
The collection has now been visited by 30,177 unique IP addresses.

16 October 2010
I have started work on a new main page layout.

01 September 2010
A second Video 2000 VCR is added to may collection. This one was brought locally and it is a portable version with a separate tuner.

09 August 2010
The first Video 2000 VCR is added to may collection. It came all the way from Holland
Click Here to see it.

25 April 2010
The video collection has now been viewed by just over 20,800 unique IP addresses.
It is about 1 month until the site is 2 years old.

20 Feb 2010
Been a long time since I made an update.
Some interesting things have been added to the collection recently.
Sony BVW-40 Betacam VTR
Sony CRK-2000 Chroma Keyer
Sony SEG-2550 Special Effects Generator I have wanted to get one of these for a long time. This one is in good condition and works well. It can be connected to my BVE-900 Editing Controller to allow automated editing from multiple sources.

19 May 2009
Menu fixed.
Page footer updated.

18 May 2009
New menu added to the site. Looks like it needs a tweak as it only looks nice in good old IE6.
It was also 1 year today the video equipment collection part of my site changed from individual HTML files to a fully dynamic PHP / MySQL system. The collection pages have been visited by 6960 unique IP addresses since they were opened to the www one year ago.

7 May 2009
I am working on an updated method of navigating around the site. A navagation bar will replace the current link bar shortly. This bar will be the same on every page for better consistancy.

Earlier history sections were removed from individual pages and placed below.

From Main Page:
11 April 2009. Added most 40 popular items table. View counters have been running for a few months now.
23 December 2008. Now there are 100 VCRs in the database.
27 September 2008. Server connection upgraded to higher speed. Should make the site more useable.
5 September 2008. Started transitioning to XHTML and CSS
24 August 2008. Added basic searching from the URL
13 July 2008. New Domain. Now you can get to here from www.oldvcr.com as well as www.oldvcr.tv
22 March 2008. Added most recently added items and total items display.
19 March 2008. Updated to new webpage design.
18 May 2008. Added Link to new Collection site.

From My Home Page:
October 2008: Introduction added.
June 2008: Updated, videos and links added. Page officially online.
20 March 2008: Created pages based on the googlepages version I made a while back.