Model: Panasonic NV-M40
Class: Consumer
Type: Camcorder, Format: VHS

Item Model: NV-M40A, Serial: A5HB00127
Created: 2009-03-10 00:00:00 Last Edit: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
System PAL
FeaturesDigital effects, 10W light, Wide angle Lens
Item ConditionWorking
Other Details This appears to have suffered a significant fall which bent the tape holder. I was able to straighten it out and get it working again. The eye piece is also missing. This has a modern cheaper internal design with allot of empty space inside.

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Image of

Found 1 Accessory for this item:

Accessory Panasonic, VW-VBF2E, Serial: None
Added 2019-08-31
Type Battery
Condition Not Working

Panasonic - VW-VBF2E

Found 1 Manual for this item:

Added 2008-06-02
Part Number VQT4829-1
Type User
Condition Good


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